They May Sound Freaky, But These 5 Disorders Are Totally Real

As much as we think we have perfected medical science, the truth is, there are still many things we don’t quite understand about the human body and what ails it. Though we know our way around the common cold and even some cancers, there are some rare and unusual disorders that, to this day, we have no idea how to fix.

Here are some of the weirdest syndromes that remain relative question marks to the scientific community.


It might sound like an imaginative excuse from a cheating partner, but there is an actual disorder where people have sex in their sleep. Similar to sleepwalking or teeth grinding, people with this parasomnia aren’t aware of what they are doing and have no memory of the act when they wake up. There have been a few cases where sexsomnia has been used in court as a defense against sexual assault convictions.

Capgras syndrome

To a person suffering Capras delusion, the idea of human cloning is the greatest evil to befall man. This disorder is commonly linked with paranoid schizophrenia and causes the sufferer to believe that friends or loved ones have been replaced by identical impostors.


We all know someone who tends to tell off-color jokes at the most inappropriate times, but what you may not know is that they could actually be experiencing rare neurological symptoms that make them addicted to spouting puns or sexual innuendos. It’s called Witzelsucht. Although it may seem like it’s caused by an overactive funny bone, the symptoms are actually due to damage to the frontal lobe of the brain.

Electromagnetic hypersensitivity

Are you getting headaches for seemingly no reason? Ever think it might be your Wi-Fi? In medical literature, the term electromagnetic hypersensitivity is not an official diagnosis and only refers to the variety of non-specific symptoms (such as headaches) which the individual attributes to electromagnetic fields. In other words, there is no true link between electricity and the sufferer’s symptoms, but that doesn’t stop them from thinking this. In the show “Better Call Saul,” the character Chuck McGill believes this delusion.

Auto-brewery syndrome

A trip to the brewery is always a fun, sloshy way to spend a day…but when you suffer from a disorder that essentially causes your body to brew alcohol inside itself, leaving you perpetually drunk…that’s a little less enjoyable. Auto-brewery syndrome causes ethanol to be produced in the digestive system, resulting in the usual effects of drunkenness such as dizziness and disorientation. Those who suffer from it often experience depression, as it’s hard to find a job when you’re constantly lit.

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The crazy thing about these syndromes is that they are so rare that people often don’t even know they have them or if there are treatments for them.

You might think that a person who believes everyone they love is a clone may be crazy, but to them, the fear is very real!