All Eyes On Four Eyes

1. Picking out new glasses is stressful. Choosing the proper try is therefore necessary as a result of the frames you choose can fully outline you as an individual till you get your next try of glasses. therefore opt for showing wisdom and be faithful yourself, alternatively you may find yourself with trendy out sized blackish gold frames that square measure too embarrassing to even remember on.

2. You have to clean your lenses all the time. Your icky face oil smears everywhere the terribly issue that helps you see, which type of defeats the aim of getting them.

3. Wearing non-cotton clothing becomes an issue. Your outfit was your lens cleaner and currently you’ve got no means of improvement your glasses. Hey, that guy over there’s sporting a cotton shirt! am i able to raise him to scrub my glasses?

4. People assume you’re smart. My level of intelligence is completely freelance of the very fact that I wear glasses, and no, i can not fathom what proportion we have a tendency to every owe for this dinner, thus somebody pull up their calculator app.

5. Doing any kind of sports is so much more difficult. Oh, you prefer to run? sensible luck with those glasses slippy down your face. Oh, you prefer to swim? sensible luck seeing with those non-prescription glasses. Oh, you prefer to fence? sensible luck obtaining your mask over your glasses.


6. When folks raise to do on your glasses and you reluctantly provide them your glasses and fake to approve however you truly cannot see shit thus what is the purpose of this whole exercise? World Health Organization area unit we actually making an attempt to please? area unit we have a tendency to all simply performing arts monkeys during this massive universe?